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5 Signs That You Need to Find a New CPA

Not sure what your CPA is doing for you besides sending an invoice every month? Hard to understand what they are saying when talking to you about YOUR business? What are some red flags to look out for? If you find yourself having any of these thoughts, it’s time to find a new CPA.


“They don’t try to understand my business.”

If your accountant isn’t already working within your industry or taking the the time to do research and learn more about it, it’s likely they aren’t giving you the most impactful guidance on tax savings and best practices specific to your market. You may have a accountant that does things right but that doesn’t mean they are the right accountant for you.


“They don’t call or email me back in a timely manner.”

There are few things more frustrating than unanswered questions about your finances. Sure, everyone gets busy. But if unresponsiveness becomes a common trend, it’s hard not to wonder what else is falling through the cracks. If they aren’t responding to you, what else are they ignoring?


“They tell me what I owe on the day it’s due.”

Regular check-ins from your accountant are the only way to prevent surprises. Tax planning should be one of the basic benefits that comes with paying for this professional service. If you only hear from your accountant when it’s time to cut a check, it’s time to cut them loose.


“They are more reactive than proactive.”

Good accountants stay ahead of the curve when it comes to updated tax codes. They make it a priority to let you know if you’ll be affected by them so you can update your strategy accordingly. If they spend more time putting out fires than preventing them, you need to find someone with a more intuitive approach.


“They don’t explain things to me in layman’s terms.”

Tax and accounting lingo can be confusing but a good accountant knows how to translate into terms you can understand by applying them to your business. If conversations with your accountant leave you feeling more confused than before, they aren’t the right one for you. It’s time to find someone who speaks the same language.


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