Monica Hall

Staff Accountant

Kelly CPA is a different kind of accounting firm. The clients we serve are innovators, entrepreneurs, brilliant people who think–and live–outside the box. It takes a special kind of accountant to deliver for our clients. It takes an accountant like Monica Hall.

Not many financial pros have driven an ice cream truck, raised cattle, managed a tree care company, or been a Game Master in an escape room. But there aren’t many accountants quite like Monica. She has a master’s degree in accountancy (tax specialization) and a bachelor’s in business administration/accounting. She has taught financial and managerial accounting, college algebra, and calculus. She’s tech-savvy–but charming and easy to talk to. She’s a problem-solver, a master of details, and knows her way around every aspect of complex accounting issues. Monica is clearly a different kind of accountant. We were made for each other.

In her spare time, you’re likely to find Monica reading by the pool, swimming in it, or winning trivia competitions with her husband. (Her grasp of details makes her tough to beat.)